Gene Status Explained

MMN gene list status fields

The following definitions have been complied to help interpret the comments in the status fields displayed on the MMN gene list pages. They have been laid out in chronological order to reflect the genes progress through the production and phenotyping pipelines.


The gene has been assigned to one of the IMPC production centres for microinjection.

Assigned - ES Cell QC In Progress:

The ES cells are undergoing QC at the ES cell distribution centre.

Assigned - ES Cell QC Complete:

ES cell QC has been completed by the ES cell distribution centre.

Aborted – ES cell QC Failed:

The ES cells have failed QC. Up to 5 ES cell clones may be tested before this status is assigned to the gene.

Microinjection in Progress:

ES cells have been received by the mouse production centre and a microinjection session has been completed.

Chimaeras Obtained:

The mouse production centre has produced one or more chimaeras following a microinjection session.

Microinjection Aborted:

The microinjection session failed to produce any genotype confirmed progeny.

Genotype Confirmed:

Genotype confirmed progeny have been produced from a successful microinjection attempt.

Phenotype Attempt Registered:

Mice from a successful microinjection attempt have been registered for phenotyping within the IMPC pipeline.

Cre Excision Started:

Mice carrying the Tm1a allele have been mated to a Cre-deleter strain in an attempt to excise the promoter driven selection cassette and generate mice carrying the Tm1b allele. Mice carrying the Tm1b allele will be phenotyped within the IMPC pipeline

Cre Excision Complete:

The Cre excision matings have been completed and the strain is ready for colony expansion in preparation for phenotyping.

Phenotype Attempt Aborted:

The intention to phenotype a particular mouse strain has been cancelled because there has been an unexpected problem with the mice e.g. failure to confirm genotyping data.

Phenotyping Complete:

The strain has successfully completed the battery of tests that make up the IMPC phenotyping pipeline


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