MRC Mouse Network

Could I draw your attention to this meeting near Cambridge, UK next year?

The registration deadline is fast approaching!

The meeting will cover the investigation of three specific areas – embryonic lethal, CNS and haematopoietic phenotypes. Sessions will cover the normal background anatomy and development as well as sampling and investigative techniques relevant to these areas (including imaging). It is possible to register for a single day if only one of these topics of interest.

Please publicise to any interested parties.

In association with the Sanger Institute, MRC Harwell hosted a training course on different bioinformatic resources related to mouse mutants.  Below are the presentations and manuals given during the course.

Simple Numerical:

wilcox.test(Value~Genotype, data = akt2Fat)
t.test(Value~Genotype,var.equal = TRUE, data = akt2Fat)



Linear Model:

ptk7GSLM=lm(Value~Genotype + Gender + Genotype*Gender, ptk7GS,na.action="na.omit")
Mixed Model:
Excel formula: =LEFT(H2,(SEARCH("_",H2)-2))
ptk7GSMM=lme(Value~Genotype + Gender +Genotype*Gender,random=~1|Litter, ptk7GSLitter, na.action="na.omit")

The Company of Biologists  are organizing a workshop on “New Technologies and Applications for Genome Engineering” Sunday 25th – Wednesday 28th March 2012. 
Organizers:  Lizzy Fisher,  Victor Tybulewicz and Andrew Smith. 
20 speakers, all leaders in the field, will attend and there are 8 delegate places available for graduate students/post-docs and young PI’s.  The only costs involved are travel costs to and from Wiston House in West Sussex, UK.  Conference fees including accommodation and catering for the duration of the Workshop are free.
You will find more information on the Workshop on the following webpage -
Please find a flyer attached advertising the Workshop.  The deadline for applications is Friday 3rd February 2012.
If you have any questions regarding this Workshop please contact Nicky Le Blond at The Company of Biologists –

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Please find attached the presentation given by Tom Weaver

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Please find attached the presentaton given by Professor Steve Brown

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The MRC Mouse Network has been created in order to provide UK scientists with a forum to engage with a new and exciting international program systematically mutating every gene in the mouse genome and determining the resultant phenotypes of the mouse lines - the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium or IMPC ( All scientists are welcome to join the MRC Mouse Network where you will receive regular updates about access to

  1. MUTANT MICE a steadily growing collection of strains which are multifunctional in terms of their application to genetic research (eg null alleles, reporter gene expression, conditionality)
  2. PHENOTYPIC DATA from a variety of therapeutically relevant systems collected for each mutant strain (primary phenotyping data)
  3. COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH & TRAINING opportunities between members of the network, where we encourage scientists carrying out basic or clinical research in academia or industry to take this opportunity to advance their research programs.

Harwell will coordinate a formal launch of the MRC Mouse Network in order to start the networking. This, the first of the MRC Mouse Network Meetings, will take place on the Harwell campus on 13th January 2012. Please keep this date open in your diary or nominate a key representative for the Consortium that can attend in your place. There will be a TOTAL of three places available for each consortium. Harwell sits directly on the A34 south of Oxford, and there are excellent rail links through nearby Didcot. For attendees who plan to fly, Heathrow is within a one hour drive and transport to Harwell can be arranged by the MRC. Unfortunately, MRC Harwell has not been assigned a budget for these meetings. We will provide a venue and catering, but cannot offer to reimburse travel or accommodation expenses. Each Consortium will be asked to give a 15 minute presentation on the aims of their consortium and their contribution to the phenotyping effort and other areas of research effort.

Aims of the MRC Mouse Network Meeting:

  • Meet other members of other Consortia
  • Meet key people at Harwell working on the IMPC
  • Find out more about the IMPC: aims, timescale, status
  • Presentation and discussion of tests proposed by each Consortium
  • Other ways the Consortia are planning to contribute
  • Clarifying the roles of Harwell and the Consortia