About the MRC Mouse Network

The MRC Mouse Network has been created in order to provide UK scientists with a forum to engage with a new and exciting international program systematically mutating every gene in the mouse genome and determining the resultant phenotypes of the mouse lines - the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium or IMPC (www.mousephenotype.org). All scientists are welcome to join the MRC Mouse Network where you will receive regular updates about access to

  1. MUTANT MICE a steadily growing collection of strains which are multifunctional in terms of their application to genetic research (eg null alleles, reporter gene expression, conditionality)
  2. PHENOTYPIC DATA from a variety of therapeutically relevant systems collected for each mutant strain (primary phenotyping data)
  3. COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH & TRAINING opportunities between members of the network, where we encourage scientists carrying out basic or clinical research in academia or industry to take this opportunity to advance their research programs.